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Upcoming Webinar Training Opportunities

 Ave Maria Press – Sept 12th at 2PM Central

On the Way of Catechesis: Highlights of History, Hope for Ministry

Presented By: Gerard F. Baumbach, Author of The Way of Catechesis

The Church’s catechetical witness burns as a fire across centuries and through lives of faithful service. We navigate the way ahead informed by this compelling history, which yields extraordinary witness along the way of catechesis.

For this webinar, we will (1) explore some contemporary perspectives and four characteristics for advancing catechesis; (2) consider selected highlights from major eras of the Church’s catechetical history; and (3) reinforce our looking ahead as a breathing community of living faith, still emerging, developing, and inquiring.

Indeed, our shared past informs our shared future for catechesis and the New Evangelization!

Come join the discussion!  Visit https://www.avemariapress.com/webinars/parish/ to register.  This webinar is free.


Ave Maria Press – Sept 19th at 2PM Central

Creative Answers and Specific Approaches to Young Adult Faith Formation

Presented by: Panel including Robert Feduccia, Amy McEntee, Gabriella Karaszweski, and Nicki Uerling

Young adult faith formation is diverse, just as the Millennial Generation (born between 1982 and 2000) is diverse. Faith formation leaders know how to nurture the faith of children, parents, empty nesters, and elders. Young adults who are more spiritual seekers than mass goers challenge faith formation business as usual.

This webinar features panelists with a variety of young adult faith  formation ministry experiences. These young adult ministers will offer creative and practical ways to help Millennials grow in authentic faith and in Christian community.

Suggested reading before the webinar: "Faith Formation with Young Adults" on the NCCL website blog.

Visit https://www.avemariapress.com/webinars/parish/ to register.  This webinar is free.


NFCYM Webinar – Aug 29th at 2PM Central

La Alegría de la Catequesis para Adolescentes

Presentadora: Miriam Hidalgo

El documento recién publicado por la Asociación para la Catequesis de Adolescentes será presentado por uno de sus autores primarios, Miriam Hidalgo, que abrirá el documento y ofrecerá sugerencias sobre cómo mejor utilizar el contenido para ayudar a las parroquias y los catequistas a adoptar la visión y los componentes descritos en el documento.

NOTE: This is a similar presentation  to the one on the Joy of Adolescent Catechesis previously presented in May, 2017 in English.

Miriam G. Hidalgo is the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry for the Archdiocese of Hartford and served as one of the principle authors and lead translator for the Joy of Adolescent Catechesis. 

Visit www.nfcym.org/webinars to register. 


NFCYM Webinar – Sept 26th at 1PM Central

The Power of Presence: Moving Middle School Youth from Entertainment to Encounter

Presented by: Amanda Grubbs      Moderated by Jane Angha

Teens are constantly surrounded by entertainment whether that is through social media, music, streaming TV shows, or YouTube there is no shortage to the amount of things vying for their attention. So how do we get through? How do we reach through this world of entertainment and create programming that leads teens into a true encounter with Jesus Christ? How do we not only hand on the faith but also create a community that becomes their foundation? This webinar walks through three simple steps to help all those who work with middle school youth to realize the power of presence in programming and how to move their middle school youth from entertainment to encounter. 

Amanda Grubbs is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville with a degree in Theology and Catechetics with an emphasis in youth ministry. She works extensively with middle school youth ministry resources as the Edge Support Coordinator at Life Teen and has been passionately involved in youth ministry since her own conversion to Catholicism in middle school. Amanda, her husband, and their son reside in the desert wilds of Arizona, and when they are not off leading teens closer to Christ, they can be most often found in the great outdoors or at a quaint coffee shop. 

Visit www.nfcym.org/webinars to register.