Participants are expected to remain in the Morial Convention Center during all conference activities. No young person will be allowed out of the conference area of the building without the escort of an adult chaperone, and unaccompanied minors will be detained by conference security and/or police if attempting to leave the building.

All directives from the CYO Office staff, conference security staff, convention center staff, and police are to be respected and followed.

Care should be taken in all facilities and with all property so that no damage is caused. Vandalism will be subject to prosecution and/or fines.

All due respect should be shown to speakers, presenters, entertainers, etc. who have, in many cases, donated their time and resources for the benefit of the youth of the archdiocese.

Do not bring illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, weapons, flammable materials, or any other item that could be dangerous and/or distracting to conference events. This includes I-pods, MP3 players, headphones, etc. Cell phones must be on silent or off for the duration of the World Youth Day.