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Lunch Options

Conference attendees have two options for lunch: bringing their own or pre-ordering meals provided by the Morial Convention Center. Although the Riverwalk Mall is open, the food court will not be staffed to handle our convention. Also please note that outside food is not allowed into the Riverwalk. Please respect our request to not use Riverwalk; if you must leave the convention center area, please be advised that groups returning late from lunch will not be allowed into sessions once they have begun. This is disruptive to our presenters.

Option #1: pre-order individual lunches for $11 per person. The choices are a 1) hamburger with chips, 2) hot dog with chips, or 3) personal pizza with fresh apple. A canned soft drink is included with all packages. Choices must be indicated during the online registration process. These meals are prepared and provided by the Morial Convention Center and may be eaten inside the building.

Option #2: bring your own lunch from home. If you choose this option, you must leave your bags/ice chests in your vehicles, retrieve them at lunch time, and eat outside in the Mississippi River Heritage Park located down Convention Center Blvd. Convention Center policy prohibits outside food from being brought into or consumed in the building. Keep in mind that in the case of rain, food will still not be allowed into the Convention Center. Convention Center staff will enforce this at the entrances. Please respect the policy.